Celebrate with a Royal Knees Up with up to 50% off food.

For more information, see our event page here

Listed below are our usual prices in £ blue and our celebratory up to 50% off prices in £ green.

While you wait

Breads with olive oil and balsamic glaze (v)
£3.00 £5.00

Garlic toasted ciabatta; plain or topped with cheese (v)
£2.50/£3.00  £4.00/£5.00



Soup of the day served with bread roll and butter (v)
£3.50  £6.00

Chicken liver pate, onion chutney and crostini
£4.50  £7.50

Panko breaded lamb bon bons served with a mint jus
£4.50  £7.50

Classic prawn cocktail in Marie Rose sauce with bread roll and butter
£5.00 £9.25

Crumbled goat’s cheese with wilted spinach, apple, walnut and beetroot (v)
£4.00 £7.00

English asparagus with hollandaise sauce (v)
£3.50  £6.50

Panko breaded King prawns with sweet chilli dipping sauce
£4.50  £8.00

Oyster mushroom bao bun, spring onion, pickled mushrooms and oriental (vg)
£4.00  £6.50

Main Course

8oz Ribeye steak served with chips, confit garlic roasted tomato and field mushroom
£17.00 £27.00

Pan-fried sea bass fillet, herb-roasted new potatoes, Cavolo Nero cabbage, mangetout finished with a lemon cream sauce (gf)
£10.00  £20.00

Chicken tikka masala with rice and poppadum’s
£10.00  £18.00

Steak, mushroom and ale open puff pastry pie, creamy mash, liquor
£9.00 £16.00

Fish and chips; beer-battered haddock fillet with chips, garden peas and tartare sauce
£10.00  £17.00

Cumberland sausage, creamy mash served with peas and gravy
£9.00  £16.00

Pesto pasta; penne pasta, creamy pesto sauce, mangetout, peas and sun-blushed tomatoes (v)
£8.00  £12.00

Cranberry, Brie and cheddar tartlet with a salad of peppers, new potatoes, cucumber, red onions (v)
£8.00  £13.00

Halloumi burger; rosemary focaccia, honey-glazed halloumi, lettuce, coleslaw and house fries (v)
£8.00  £15.00

6oz Gourmet beef burger; toasted brioche bun, house fries, burger garnish and relish
£9.00 £13.00
Add: Bacon £2.50 Monteray Jack Cheese £2.00

Half slow-roasted and marinated in a smoky BBQ glaze, fries, coleslaw
£8.00  £14.00

Mixed salad: mixed baby leaf, cucumber, onion, peppers, tomatoes, honey and mustard dressing
£6.00  £10.00
Add: Chicken breast £5.00 Halloumi £5.00


Double chocolate brownie, chocolate sauce, cookies and cream ice cream
£4.00  £7.00

Fresh strawberries and cream or ice cream
£4.00  £7.00

Ice cream trio; peaches and cream, salted caramel, cherry swirl
£4.00  £5.00

Apple and rhubarb crumble with custard
£4.00  £6.50

Profiteroles filled with Chantilly cream and covered in chocolate sauce
£4.00  £6.00

Sticky toffee pudding and custard
£4.00  £6.00